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I post notices on my Facebook page when I've uploaded new videos to this website, and I provide tons of other useful information for Step Instructors, too!

Who is Step Junkie?

Hello! I'm Dana Darby, known within the Step community as "Step Junkie.”  I have taught group fitness classes for over 20 years, starting in a very informal setting in Naples, Italy. Since 2007, I've been posting videos on YouTube and on my Step blog.  I've grown to love the Step format and have a real interest in ensuring this format continues to be loved by participants of all skill levels. It is my goal to help Step instructors improve their choreography development skills, reduce their class preparation time, and improve their class presentation skills.

Please visit my Videos page if you are looking for some new, innovative, and interesting choreography, all presented using a solid breakdown method that can be easily followed by all levels of steppers. I update the Videos page frequently with new choreography of all levels.